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Welcome to GUSTO!

Meeting the challenges of economic uncertainty and sustainability –

through employment, industrial relations, social and environmental policies in Europe

This is the task of GUSTO, a research project funded by the European Commission’s Framework Programme Seven. Coping with economic uncertainty while seeking security is a central dilemma of public policy in a globalising economy. The aim of GUSTO is to study that process as it affects European countries and to consider policy options for the future. It requires a new approach, different from the focus of past research on industrial relations and human resource management. GUSTO brings together academic teams from ten European countries and Canada, and also has the active participation of the European Trade Union Institute.


Project Work Packages

GUSTO’s work is organized in seven different work packages (WPs), each of which has a separate area on the website:

WP1: Project Management

Look here for information on formal and administrative aspects of the project

WP2: Theoretical Development

WP3: Individual Pathways to Flexibility and Sustainability in Europe

Research here uses individual data from national labour force surveys and matches them to work being done on overall systems. It develops previous EU-sponsored research on transitional labour markets

WP4a: Comparative Policy Studies: Migration

Look here for studies of developments and policies in a key and difficult field for European and other labour markets

WP4b: Comparative Policy Studies: Pensions

A second key and difficult field selected for detailed study of policies and practices

WP5: European Governance and Social Protection Systems

While much of the project is concerned with national and sub-national developments, this WP concentrates on changes in EU policies, in particular concerning the concept of flexicurity

WP6: Governance of Uncertainty and Sustainability at Sectoral and Territorial Levels

Look here for work on collective bargaining and other issues where social partners are involved in redefining labour market practices at sectoral and local levels

WP7: Integrative Studies